Category: Men’s issues

There is no denying that every man’s dream is to maintain full sexual performance regardless of age and the situation he finds himself in. Unfortunately, it often ends only with dreams, and smaller or bigger potency disorders happen to almost every man. They affect many areas of intimate life, but usually we deal with problems with erection, i.e. getting an erection and maintaining it throughout the intercourse. This should be prevented as soon as we notice the first worrying symptoms, and if we ignore them, they can quickly turn into permanent and irreversible impotence, or require complex surgical treatment. It is possible to act in many directions and both a well-adjusted diet and pharmacological agents as well as dietary supplements composed of natural, plant ingredients will be effective.

Natural remedies for all male potency problems

Problems with decreased libido are best solved naturally, without the use of dangerous mechanical devices such as pumps to achieve an erection, which can easily damage your genitals. It is also advisable to avoid surgical intervention, and specialists in this field recommend the following methods for improving impaired sexual performance:

  •  a diet, of course not a random one, but composed of products that favour the increase of potency and the possibility of obtaining a correct and strong erection. The daily menu should be composed with this in mind and must include large amounts of fruit and vegetables, a source of essential vitamins, especially vitamin C, which is responsible for proper blood flow, among other things. Let’s also make sure to include products that provide healthy fatty acids and elements such as potassium, selenium and zinc, which help raise testosterone levels. Don’t overlook cereal products full of dietary fibre, which also regulates blood flow, and spices full of piperine or capsaicin, black pepper, cayenne pepper and chilli peppers;
  • herbal treatments, and the wealth of the plant world will take best care of the male erection. Let’s take particular interest in herbs considered natural aphrodisiacs and used for centuries to enhance potency. The most commonly used is tribulus terrestris, or mace, which raises testosterone levels and gives you energy not only for sex, but also to take your condition to a whole new level. Equally effective is exotic Maca root, a source of l-arginine, which improves semen quality while increasing physical endurance, and Korean ginseng, thanks to which we will achieve an exceptionally strong and long erection.

Modern and safe dietary supplements increasing libido

Taking care of yourself, based on a healthy diet and herbs, is recommended not only in case of potency problems, and this can be further enhanced with the right dietary supplements, available in the form of tablets, ointments or gels. Their biggest advantage is that they are long-lasting and not just a temporary measure, as is the case with certain well-known blue tablets. A longer effective treatment is preferable to just a one-off injection to get a proper erection at a given time. Dietary supplements recommended in case of potency disorders, i.e. erectile dysfunctions, hit precisely at the source of the problem, eliminating not only the symptoms, but also its causes located inside the body. They should contain only natural ingredients which do not cause any side effects, such as the herbs described above.