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Finding the right health product in an ever-growing market is no small task, and so is finding the information you need on the global web. We have created our website in order to make it easier for you and show you what can work in many ailments and what preparations will help in their treatment. On the website we collect and organise information, using only verified sources, opinions of the best and valued specialists in a given field.

It is worth getting acquainted with articles written by our editorial team, which every day tests for you, among other things, dietary supplements that help with weight loss, men’s problems or other common ailments. We do not claim to know everything about it, but we are constantly gaining the necessary knowledge so that each reader visiting our website knows what is best for him. We invite you to read and share your comments. Your comments and remarks are always welcome and we will gladly answer them.

Kamila Lewandowska

Kamila Lewandowska

My name is Kamila Lewandowska. I am a Master of Science in Dietetics and a graduate of the University of Health, Beauty and Education in Poznan. A promoter of a healthy lifestyle. On a daily basis, I work as a dietician at the Nursing Home in Toruń and I run a private practice at a dietetic clinic. I help my patients to change their minds, that healthy eating is not a nightmare. I appreciate simple, fast and healthy cuisine. All the time I try to deepen my knowledge in the field of dietetics, therefore I have already participated in many courses that enable me to do that. In my free time I love travelling, active roller-skating and reading books.

Aleksandra Dziura

Aleksandra Dziura

Graduate of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Dietetics at the Medical University of Warsaw, founder of NutriAid clinic, dietician at the Sports Medicine Centre. Participant of the expert postgraduate programme in sports nutrition IOPN Diploma in Performance Nutrition. She completed a number of specialist trainings organised by Polish and foreign institutions, including a six-month course “The low FODMAP diet for IBS” conducted by the Australian Monash University. Author of articles, books and popular science ebooks.

Piotr Kozłowski


My passion is everything that is related to a healthy lifestyle. I have been dealing with dietetics and related topics for almost 10 years and during that time I completed many professional courses in this field. This gave me a lot of knowledge, a solid basis for formulating the principles of healthy eating, which I first tried out on myself. I used to struggle with being overweight myself, and when various random diets had no effect, I decided to approach the subject professionally and finally managed to lose weight.

Since then, I started to develop my passion and gradually added other health aspects to weight loss. First of all, physical activity, without which you can’t dream of losing weight, and then issues related to problems affecting a large proportion of men, such as a decrease in libido or accelerated balding. I look for new dietary supplements, both for weight loss and general health improvement, and when reviewing them, I break down their composition into first factors, describing the effects of individual active substances for you. I am also passionate about herbal medicine and I keep finding and describing plants which can successfully replace most artificial ingredients of popular medicines.

Karolina Wieczorek


I am an enthusiast of active life and natural nutrition. Every day I improve my body and mind – I run, train at the gym, go for walks, meditate, delve into the arcana of healthy, light, yet tasty and aromatic cuisine. My life used to be completely different. I used to lead a typically sedentary lifestyle – working on the computer, no sport, minimal time spent outdoors, junk food, hectolitres of coffee… When I realised that the lack of movement and a bad diet had a disastrous effect on my beauty, health, well-being and fitness, I decided to change everything!

To start with, I modified my diet and introduced regular walks in parks, meadows and forests into my schedule. Over time, a natural, healthy life absorbed me completely. I started to read specialist literature on dietetics, body shaping and interesting facts about skin care. I put this knowledge into practice – I managed to create my dream figure, get in excellent shape, permanently improve my mood and strongly improve the condition of my skin and hair.

Today, I share my experience and knowledge on health, beauty, training and body modelling by publishing articles on thematic portals and blogs. In my texts you can find interesting and useful advice on how to live a healthy and vital life and how to effectively fight against figure and beauty imperfections. I also write reviews of interesting dietary supplements, cosmetics and medical preparations. I invite you to read!