Category: Weight loss

There is a well-known saying that “as they see you, so they write you”, and this most often applies to our external appearance. We are not, of course, talking about clothes, make-up or hairstyle, but about the figure, which, in line with current trends, should be slim and athletic. Some might say that this is not always possible, and indeed it is so in the case of illnesses, of which weight gain is a symptom. However, in most other cases overweight or obesity are usually the result of our negligence and only effective weight loss can help. There are many treatments allowing us to get rid of excess weight and accumulated fatty tissue, but let’s make sure that it is done completely safely and without any negative consequences for our health.

Slimming diet – healthy, easily digestible and tasty at the same time

Despite the claims of many pseudo-specialists, losing weight is not possible without a proper diet, an easily digestible diet allowing quick weight loss while providing the body with all nutrients. You should definitely remove from your daily menu everything that can increase excess weight, i.e. excess of sweets, fats, unhealthy snacks, fizzy drinks and, above all, fast food. It is because of them that we gain weight and, as a result, we get such dangerous diseases as

  • atherosclerosis and hypertension, which is a direct route to a life-threatening heart attack or venous embolism;
  • joint pains caused by the progressive degeneration of joints due to excessive strain;
  • problems with digestion and metabolism, resulting in fat deposits and ailments such as diarrhoea, constipation and indigestion.

Not every diet can bring the expected results, so choose only those that do not make us starve ourselves or limit the intake of essential nutrients. Let us remember that truly effective weight loss is based on natural ingredients of meals, vegetables, fruit from ecological cultivation, free from GMOs and artificial fertilisers. Let’s eat healthy diet salads, drink vegetable and fruit cocktails, and let’s replace red meat and processed food with poultry and sea fish, also carefully choosing their place of origin.

Exercise with the right dietary supplements

A healthy diet composed by a professional dietician is the basis of slimming, and its second equally important part is movement, physical activity also supporting rapid weight loss. High-performance sports are rather not for most people, but a long walk every day, preferably Nordic walking, is a good start, which with time may transform into running, giving many benefits to our body. Our immunity and natural protective barrier will be strengthened, our joints will stop hurting, and our muscles will easily withstand any physical effort, while recovering very quickly afterwards. The entire weight loss process, regardless of the chosen diet or form of physical activity, should also be supported by appropriate dietary supplements. Sometimes the body may have disturbed digestion or metabolism processes, which should be intensified by supplying the digestive system with fibre, piperine, synephrine and capsaicin. These can be found in supplements, as well as large doses of vitamins and minerals, derived from natural slimming substances, extracts prepared from such exemplary plants as

  • acai berries
  • garcinia cambogia
  • green tea
  • green coffee
  • citrus fruits
  • pineapples and bananas
  • quinoa
  • flaxseed
  • yerba mate
  • puree